Goals & Objectives


  1. Create a network of national and local  partners.
  2. Timely immunizations protect us from preventable disease.
  3. Contribute to the evidence base of effective interventions to improve vaccination coverage.
  4. Identify and implement strategies to reduce racial and/or ethnic disparities in adult vaccination coverage.


  1. Increase availability of messages that  resonate with Black and Hispanic communities;
  2. Increase range of trusted community voices  supporting vaccine education and delivery;
  3. Increase number and diversity of vaccination  opportunities;
  4. Increase number of partnerships or collaborative activities between providers and community organizations, and
  5. Implement strategies to reduce racial and/or ethnic disparities in adult vaccination coverage.


  1. Increased equity in nationwide distribution and administration of COVID 19 vaccines;
  2. Building community confidence in family medical decision making, Reduced stigma and implicit bias associated with COVID 19, Improved access to testing;  Expanded application of health equity principles among health care providers and the responder workforce; and Contributions to the evidence base of effective interventions through use of the Data Hub and Learning Hub.


  1. Good Health WINs begins with education.
  2. Advocates to understand importance of immunizations.
  3. Quantitative/ Qualitative Research – Survey to understand AA vaccination views
  4. Surveys will inform our work
  5. Develop culturally sensitive materials, toolkits, playbook, and Good Health WIN micro-site


  1. Share with friends, family members and neighbors.
  2. Good Health WINs State Activation Plans
  3. GHW advocates at the tables where public health and vaccination decisions are made (immunization coalitions, health departments and immunization managers to ensure their expertise is being incorporated into public policy).


  1. Good Health WINs is making a meaningful, positive impact.
  2. Share expertise/ lesson learned